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Your Billboard Lease Acquisition Experts

The Billboard Lease Acquisition Program offered by Lease Advisors, converts the underlying ground leases for billboard structures into a large lump sum of cash for the respective property owners.

The Billboard Lease Acquisition Program has many advantages over receiving monthly or annual rent from your billboard tenant, including:

Meeting your financial goals

  • Immediate liquidity
  • Offset long term inflation by receiving cash today
  • Pay down non-productive debt such as credit cards or car loans
  • Pay down or even pay off your mortgage

Peace of mind

  • Transfer the risk of lease cancellation
  • Forget about letters or calls requesting a reduction in rent or other lease concessions
Lease Advisors will pay you a large “non-recourse” lump sum of cash to buy your billboard lease. This transaction does not compromise the value or integrity of your property, nor does it hinder your ability to sell your property in the future. Most importantly, if the lease is cancelled due to mergers, acquisitions, or underperformance, you do not have to pay the money back – that becomes Media Lease Advisors’ risk.

By selling their billboard leases, thousands of billboard lease owners have put tomorrow's money to work today. The team at MLA has successfully funded thousands of landlords ranging from individual real estate investors and businesses to non-profit organizations and municipalities. Why not you?

We are a direct buyer, not a broker, of billboard leases. The principals of Lease Advisors have acquired over 1,000 ground leases since 2003 and have a proven track record of delivering on our promise of the highest payouts in the industry and quick “no-hassle” closings. Contact us today at (877) 418-5238 for a free no-obligation consultation.