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You may never have considered it, but there is great financial opportunity in a lease buyout for your billboard or cell tower lease. Lease Advisors has the expertise and industry knowledge to help turn your cellular or billboard ground lease into considerable cash flow. Your property may be more valuable than you think, and Lease Advisors is happy to help you maximize its value.

The Professional Advantage

Income from your billboard or cellular lease could be here today and gone tomorrow. A properly structured billboard or cellular lease buy-out can far exceed the present value of the projected rents over the life of the lease.

Cashing out will help guarantee that you receive the benefit of the maximum value of your lease. 

Who We Are and What We Do

Lease Advisors works exclusively with billboard and cellular lease owners to strategically maximize the profits from your billboard or cell tower tenants.  We have the ability to offer you much more than simply buying out your lease. Our team of consultants are experts in lease negotiations and are ready to advise you on the very best options for your current leasing situation, as well as any other additional opportunities that may exist.

The Benefit of a Lease Buy-Out

Rather than offering a monthly rent payment or an agreement for annual payments, the Lease Acquisition Program offered by Lease Advisors provides a lump sum, cash payment for your lease. This type of agreement offers many benefits, including reducing the risk of rent reduction or the cancellation of the lease. This transaction may also lower your tax liability, while giving you immediate cash for debt reduction or investments.

Buying out a lease protects your lease income. Under the terms of this agreement, if the lease is cancelled due to decommissioning, evolving technology, or economic changes, you will not be asked to forfeit or return the proceeds from the sale of your lease. This is a risk that Lease Advisors assumes.

Experts in Consulting and Negotiation

Lease Advisors’ expert team of consultants can offer a tailor-made solution to each landowner’s specific situation.

The team at Lease Advisors includes experts in the fields of real estate, legal, and financial services, with over 30 years of combined experience. Lease Advisors provides a no-cost consultation to analyze each specific lease situation and create a strategy for optimizing profits for the landowner. In a rapidly changing economy, the benefits of lease ownership can be unpredictable. Leave it to professionals to decipher the economic and legal nuances and find the best option for you. 

Call Today

There are many benefits to choosing Lease Advisors for your lease buyout, including maximizing your returns, protecting your lease income, and positive results driven by years of industry experience. If you are interested in making the most of your current lease, contact our team for a free consultation. 


"As our lease consultants, Keith Larson and the entire team at Lease Advisors were prompt, professional, and really helped guide us through this process. They gently walked us through each stage of the transaction. We feel as if we have gotten to know the team personally and that we weren’t just a number or a “client.” The price was fair, the transaction was efficient and it has been our pleasure to do business with Lease Advisors. "
J. & S. Amis
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